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U.S. Senate Candidate Nella Domenici Visits U.S. Southern Border

Meets With And Listens To Local Leaders Dealing With Consequences of Biden-Heinrich Failed Border Policies


March 1, 2024

DEMING, NM - This week, U.S. Senate candidate Nella Domenici visited the U.S. Southern Border, meeting with local border community leaders, ranchers, and educators. This trip to the border was a priority for Nella upon becoming the nominee two weeks ago.

During Nella’s visit to Deming, NM, she visited the border wall with a rancher, seeing firsthand the opened floodgates and unfinished gaps in the wall. She also met with education leaders from the local public school district, law enforcement, the primary medical facility for the region, a large employer, and elected officials from Columbus and Deming.

“Our southern border is absolutely in a major crisis. The opportunity to meet with local leaders, ranchers, and educators, only further reinforced my commitment to solving this crisis,” said Nella Domenici. “New Mexicans and all Americans are experiencing the consequences of Biden and Heinrich’s failed border policies, and demand better.”

Nella continued: ”It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of those experiencing the devastation - drugs, human trafficking, and crime - seen in New Mexico border communities as a result of this crisis. This is an abject failure in leadership, particularly because it is addressable.”


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