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The General Election Starts Today! Nella Domenici Is Now The Republican Nominee For U.S. Senate In New Mexico

Nella Domenici Turns Focus To Leading The State In A New Prosperous Direction, Bringing An Independent Voice To The U.S. Senate


February 13, 2024

SANTE FE, NM - Today, the New Mexico Secretary of State announced that Nella Domenici is the only U.S. Senate candidate who qualified for the Republican primary ballot.

“Our campaign is about the priorities of all New Mexico voters, and I look forward to meeting, listening to, and earning the vote of New Mexicans across the state,” said Nella Domenici. “Every day, more and more families are joining our hard-working team because they know I value collaboration, which will address the dysfunction, partisanship, and gridlock in Washington.”

Nella filed for the New Mexico U.S. Senate ballot on Tuesday, February 6, turning in more than 8,000 petitions signed by supporters--far exceeding the 2,351 Republican signatures required.

The enthusiastic momentum is apparent as Nella submitted more signatures than Martin Heinrich and every other candidate who filed for the ballot in New Mexico. She turned in nominating petitions from supporters living in all 33 counties.

Nella continued: “I’m excited to be a force for New Mexico families in Washington, serving our community, driving solutions, and meeting the needs of our state. I know we’re better together. New Mexico has extraordinary assets, ranging from our rich heritage and culture, to our abundant natural resources, to our exceptional national labs and military bases. We must unify our state and nation.”

Nella is thankful for all the Republican candidates who declared for the U.S. Senate race. It is a big decision that involves sacrifices. She respects Manny Gonzales’ service to our country as a Marine and his two terms as Bernalillo County’s Sheriff. She admires Ben Luna’s faith and John Roberts' interest in running.


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