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RPNM - CONTRAST OF LEADERSHIP: Nella Leads While Heinrich Is MIA


Nella Domenici holds a roundtable with the community seeking help, while Martin Heinrich fails to deliver any results

On the two-year anniversary of the biggest fire in New Mexico history, Nella Domenici was leading, meeting with victims, and offering solutions to help those victims seeking compensation.

Meanwhile, Martin Heinrich was nowhere to be found. After two years, victims are still waiting for compensation. Heinrich has held public office for more than 20 years, but refuses to lead when New Mexico needs it the most. This is just the latest example of Heinrich’s failure. Even during a Senate “recess,” Heinrich still won’t show up to help. 

“The choice could not be more clear: Nella Domenici is ready to lead and is already looking for solutions,” said RPNM Executive Director Leticia Muñoz. “Meanwhile, Heinrich is just another career-politician putting his own interest ahead of the men and women of New Mexico.”


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