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PINON POST: Heinrich gets horrible news in bid to keep U.S. Senate seat

Republican Nella Domenici hauls in $1.25M since launching Senate bid in New Mexico in January

By Renato Costa / April 5, 2024

Nella Domenici, daughter of New Mexico’s former Republican Senator Pete Domenici, has made headlines by setting a new fundraising benchmark for a Republican Senate contender in the state. Launching her campaign in mid-January, Domenici has successfully amassed over $1.25 million by the end of March, marking a record for GOP Senate candidates in New Mexico for the first quarter of an election year. This fundraising milestone was first revealed to Fox News Digital.

As the expected Republican candidate, Domenici is poised to challenge Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich in the upcoming November elections, where Heinrich seeks a third term. The significant $1.25 million raised is celebrated as an unprecedented achievement for a Republican in the state’s political arena, per Fox News.

Domenici’s campaign highlighted contributions from over 1,100 supporters, reflecting widespread backing. Domenici expressed her gratitude, stating, “What an incredible outpouring of broad support in such a short amount of time – New Mexico is truly ready for a change.” She criticized incumbent Senator Heinrich for prioritizing “extreme progressive ideology” over practical solutions for New Mexico’s challenges.

While Heinrich’s first-quarter fundraising figures are pending, his 2023 campaign efforts yielded nearly $4.5 million, with his campaign account holding about $3.5 million at year’s end, as per Federal Election Commission records.

Pete Domenici’s six-term tenure in the Senate, which concluded in 2009, endows his daughter with significant political clout and familiarity among New Mexico voters. Nella Domenici, with a robust background in finance, including roles at Bridgewater Associates as CFO, Credit Suisse, and Citadel Investment Group, brings a formidable fundraising network. Announcing her candidacy, she committed an initial personal investment of half a million dollars to her campaign.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has shown support for Domenici, indicating GOP endorsement for her candidacy. Despite New Mexico’s leftward shift in recent electoral cycles, Domenici’s campaign represents a concerted effort to reclaim a Senate seat for the Republicans, a feat not achieved in the state for 15 years.


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