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📰 Nella News | July 7, 2024

Happy 248th Birthday to the United States of America! Nella loves parades and she and our supporters participated in parades in Moriarty, Los Lunas, Corrales, Las Cruces, Grants, and Rio Rancho. A big 4th of July thank you to the wonderful volunteers who participated. Nella and Paco finished every parade last because they spent lots of time meeting so many wonderful people from toddlers to great-grandparents and every generation in between! 

📍 Moriarty

📍 Los Lunas

Nella’s husband Pat and daughter Alessandra joined our team of fired up volunteers at the parade in Los Lunas!

📍 Corrales

📍 Las Cruces

📍 Grants

📍 Rio Rancho

Did you notice everything for your backyard barbeque cost more, a lot more? 

Nella went shopping for some goodies to pass out at the parades. At the Dollar Store she saw that everything now costs $1.25 or more for items that used to cost $1. This is a dramatic illustration of the Biden/Heinrich inflationary, economic policies squeezing New Mexican’s budgets at the grocery store, gas pump and everywhere.

South Fork Fire Update

As of July 4, the South Fork Fire, which was caused by lightning is 87% contained. The Salt Fire, the cause of which is still under investigation, is 84% contained.

Big thank you to the Southwest Area Incident Management Team 5 who on July 4th,  turned the firefighting responsibility over to local agencies, BIA, Mescalero Apache Tribe, Lincoln National Forest, and New Mexico State Forestry Division who are now in charge.

The Bottom Line: There are so many questions about the cause of the Salt Fire; Nella urges the FBI to finish their work and to keep the community informed.

On The Road

📍Los Alamos Republican Party BBQ 

Los Alamos Republican barbecue was a continuation of Nella, Pat and Paco’s 4th of July weekend festivities. She and Sharon Clahchischilliage, candidate for CD-3, spoke to the crowd about the importance of Los Alamos National Laboratory’s cutting-edge research in AI, its large-scale modeling and research of grid modernization, DNA, hereditary diseases, wildfire, flooding, cyber-attacks, terrorism and our nuclear weapons.

📍Pueblo of Isleta 

Earlier in the week Nella had the privilege to meet with the Pueblo of Isleta Tribal Council to hear about their needs and priorities.  When she asked them about their biggest concerns, she listened to them explain how crime and border issues are infesting their pueblo, how issues with mental illness had increased since COVID, that finding teachers is ever more difficult, and that the rising cost of living is continuing to hurt their community.

🥇 Going for Gold:

Shout out to New Mexicans and a UNM grad heading to Paris for the Olympics this summer! New Mexico is so proud to be represented by Maria Duran competing in Street Skateboarding, Chase Easley Jackson in shot-put, and Weiti Keilati in the 10,000-meter run!


Opinion: The Ruidoso News

Nella shared her thoughts about the fire. Read her piece entitled “Only Commonsense Forest Management Can Prevent Forest Fires,”  published in the Ruidoso News.

Read The Ruidoso News opinion piece HERE.

Las Vegas Optic: Piñon Post

Nella met with Hermits Peak / Calf Canyon fire victims in Las Vegas. At the meeting, all the attendees signed a letter to the governor asking that relief for fire victims be included on the agenda for the Special Session scheduled for July 18th.

Read the Las Vegas Optic article HERE.

🐾 Paco’s Piece 🐾

I had so much fun meeting people on the parade routes, especially the kids who gave me belly rubs. Some even gave me treats! I have noticed that ever since Biden has been President, my favorite treats (well, all treats are my favorite) have been getting smaller and smaller and costing more and more.

Mom told me this is happening to all kinds of human food, too. I reached out  to Commander, President Biden’s dog and my friend to complain and sympathize. Poor Commander . . .having a human who is responsible for such terrible economic policies would make even the best dog bite the Secret Service.  

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