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Nella Domenici Releases New Campaign Ad, “Trailblazer”

Albuquerque, NM –  Nella Domenici released her second TV ad of her 2024 campaign to represent New Mexico in the United States Senate, titled “Trailblazer.” The ad highlights Nella’s lifetime of accomplishments as a trailblazer.

“Trailblazer” emphasizes Nella’s commitment to motherhood as she navigated a successful career in business and community leadership.

Like a vast majority of New Mexicans, Nella began her career at the bottom and worked her way up, taking night classes and going on to pay her own way through law school. After graduating from business school at the top of her class while nine months pregnant, Nella mentored and helped pave the way for young women in academics and business to succeed. Nella has been a trailblazer her entire life. She understands problems and works collaboratively for innovative solutions.

Nella issued the following message of encouragement for New Mexicans to blaze a new trail for New Mexico in November:

“New Mexico is my home and I believe in our future. Today, our state is last in education and first in crime, a devastating reality that is driving away our future generations of business leaders and driving New Mexican children and grandchildren away from home. The journey to getting New Mexico back on top will not be easy and requires experienced leadership- not the two decades of failed leadership we see in my opponent. I have been taking obstacles in stride since the start of my career and believe that the values I have learned as I raised my children and rose in the business world are what New Mexico needs to blaze a trail forward. I look forward to demanding more and delivering for New Mexico in the United States Senate.”

The ad will air as part of a six-figure statewide ad buy. It tells the story of Nella’s hard-fought journey to success as a mother, a student, and businesswoman.


“Growing up, Nella blazed her town trail- set her sights on law school, took night classes, and paid her own way, graduated business schools nine months pregnant, top of her class.

“‘Mom’ was Nella’s most important title while she forged new paths in business and community, breaking down barriers and driving innovative solutions.

“It’s time to do the same for New Mexico.

“There are mountains of problems. We need an experienced leader to fix them.

“I’m Nella Domenici, and I approve this ad.”


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