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Nella Domenici Builds Momentum in SE New Mexico During Campaign Stops

Rio Grande Sun: Domenici said she believes she can beat her opponent because Heinrich is out of touch and, “New Mexico is at a tipping point right now.”

Domenici Hopes to Unseat Heinrich

By Richard Connor

March 28, 2024

Unassuming, dressed in sweatpants and wearing white running shoes, early, just past 7 a.m., and looking for that first cup of coffee from Artesia’s Kith and Kin, Nella Domenici, with hopes of knocking Senator Martin Heinrich out of the U.S. Senate, pulled up a chair in the middle of an all-male group and listened.

“She’s a great listener,” said one of the men. “Her father was the same way- approachable.”

Later in the morning, Domenici was still listening but also talking. She is assertive and direct and has opinions on subjects of political interest such as abortion and former President Donald Trump, problems at the border, and on the importance of the oil and gas industry to New Mexico and to the nation. She frequently emphasizes she is an “independent thinker.”

Her career has been in business working for several financial companies in investments, mergers and acquisitions, and as a chief financial officer. She has served on several national boards. She says she is transitioning from, “being an executive in business to being- hopefully- an executive in government.”

She points with considerable pride to the work she and her husband have done promoting charter schools in New Mexico, some in the poorest neighborhoods in Albuquerque. She is a founder of Excellent Schools New Mexico.

Sen. Domenici was well-known for his ability to build consensus among politicians from both parties. He mingled well with “the people,” whether speaking in English or Spanish. He delivered projects and money to their hometowns.

Nella Domenici appears to have followed his example of connecting personally with voters and she said she will be traversing the state to show, if elected, she will not be distant. She will be present.

Frequently describing herself as an independent thinker, she said results of statewide polling gave her the impetus to run against Heinrich who is often described as distant and Domenici said, “removed.” During her earlier radio interview, she said she was told that Heinrich had not visited the station for an interview in the last 12 years he has been in the U.S. Senate.

Domenici said she believes she can beat her opponent because Heinrich is out of touch and, “New Mexico is at a tipping point right now.” She cited education, crime, fentanyl addiction, inflation, problems at the border and an unreceptive environment for business as the prime issues in the election and said many are the lingering results of COVID and its poor handling by New Mexico state government.

While she said Heinrich, “wants to kill this oil and gas industry…” and “hurting his state, hurting his country,” she said, “The top issue is not the carbon footprint anymore.” It’s the other issues she highlighted.

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